Our designs garner editorial content across media platforms.


For more than 20 years, Cafiero Lussier Creative has worked with brands and agencies to design and stage strategic media events that present new product information in innovative ways.

We help companies drive editorial content and get their product stories covered in media outlets with both long and short lead times. We focus on the brand message and highlight the newsworthy content, creating experiences that enable the brand to tell its story directly to decision makers in a compelling and entertaining manner. 

We work with our clients to plan calendar year projects. We design and maintain social media content, generate deliciously disruptive email blasts, hard copy mailers with powerful content, desk side collateral, concept gifts, small to large media events from single brand to scale experience.


We conceptualize, direct and produce creative content across multiple platforms:

Flat and interactive graphics, video and animation, interactive informational decks, space, lighting, cutting edge video output technologies, unusually memorable entertainment accents. Not only do we design and produce these ideas, we render them in flawless 3D models so clients can immediately grasp the concept. Agencies rely upon us, clients applaud us. 




Thom Lussier
CEO and Creative Director

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Thom Lussier spent most of his youth building haunted houses, redesigning his family home, and hosting dinner parties.

After graduating from the Yale University School of Art, Thom started a private chef service in Manhattan, which led to his partnership with David Cafiero and the creation of their company Cafiero Lussier in 1996.

Today, Cafiero Lussier Creative has become one of the most avant garde New York City event design firms focusing on media and marketing events in the beauty and lifestyle sectors.

Thom works with public relations agencies as a freelance creative director, focusing on strategic planning, shaping creative output, designing and producing media events.

His design aesthetic is chameleon-esque, allowing him to step into his client’s visual identification in order to build a world in their language. Left to his own devices, his style is glamour layered over nostalgia with ostentatious charm.

Since garnering media content is the aspiration of almost all of Thom’s design work, his events have been featured in just about every publication in the beauty media.

Thom is a designer, photographer, writer, water colorist, floral arranger,  ceramicist, and Dubsmash aficionado. He splits his time between NYC and Provincetown, MA.

David Cafiero
Interiors Director

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, David Cafiero has been many things: forester in his family’s lumber business; commercial fisherman on New England’s coast; private yacht chef and mate throughout the Caribbean; caterer and café owner in New York City.

He is the driving force behind Cafiero Select Home Decor, a home furnishings store located in Manhattan’s East Village.

David’s design aesthetic is eclectic, pragmatic, quietly sensual, like a Yankee just returned from early 20th century Paris.

David’s interior design work has been featured in New York Magazine, House and Garden, WSJ, WWD and Domino.

A longtime resident of Provincetown, MA, he has been deeply influenced by its salt-air worn woods, shifting, elemental light, and its long relationship with abstract expressionism.

David is a designer, a chef, a raconteur, an NPR listener, and a New Yorker reader. He splits his time between New York City and Provincetown. MA.


Cafiero Lussier Catering has been lost in the artistry & alchemy of cuisine for over 25 years.

Effortlessly melding fresh ingredients with innovative techniques to produce satisfying culinary experiences. Gracious dining is the best stage for any event story.

The happiest guests are the ones who are well fed.


Cafiero Select is a home goods store and interior design firm located in New York City that specializes in a refined mix of 19th and 20th century classics, including late-century modern, Asian antiques and custom pieces from some of the most influential and creative designers and manufacturers.

We offer full upholstery and refinishing services. We are located at 36 E 2nd Street, on the corner of Second Avenue, and open Wednesday through Sunday, 12 to 7 p.m. or by appointment.