Acuview came to us with the desire to position its latest Contact Lens Concept as a Beauty Product. We gave them Beauty!

We took a blank space Venue in Manhattan, divided it into areas which provided a literal journey through the space and through the prioduct story. We welcomed Long Lead & Short Lead Press into the Acuview “Design Atelier". After an extensive interview with the lead Scientist, we were able to create a design inspiration board (one might find in any designer’s atelier) adding style credence to their scientific choices.

Editors were given iPads with interactive decks of info and allowed to swipe through i at their own pace as Lead Scientist and Brand Managers walked them through the psychology of the product. They were then invited to be fit with the product by Optometrists in mini Optical Labs built out in the venue. As a parting gift, editors could sit with Custom Color Make up Mixologists to experience first hand how color can accentuate the individual beauty of every eye.

We designed and installed a smiling vortex of Mirrors in the center of the space where editors could examine the lens in their eye, make pictures & digital posts. Hashtags were assigned to the event.