This contact lens maker, a division of Johnson & Johnson, approached us in 2014 to help position its newest product, Acuvue Define, as a beauty item. These prescription contact lenses enhance eye color and amplify contrast to make the wearer’s eyes stand out. 

Cafiero Lussier took a venue in downtown Manhattan and turned it into a design atelier, complete with an inspiration board filled with fabrics, textures and images In a lounge area, editors could sit down and speak directly with Acuvue brand manager and flip through additional information loaded into iPads. In an adjoining space, three optometrists were on hand with all the necessary equipment to fit editors with the lenses, and makeup artists created palettes for the editors that accentuated their coloring. 

Within several weeks, stories appeared about Acuvue Define in Allure magazine, The Gloss blog as well as other outlets.