When P&G Beauty acquired Vidal Sassoon, its new owners wanted to make it clear that they understood the history of the hair care firm, founded by the hairdresser who created the cutting edge looks of the 1960s and decades beyond.

The client wanted to use 40-plus years of pictures to tell the story of the company and its founder. So we delved into the photo archives, scanning, printing and mounting more than 400 images to create “Decades of Vidal,” a pictorial timeline of the Vidal’s ground breaking hairstyles that blanketed the walls and columns of our chosen venue, The Glasshouses.

And because hair products must be seen on hair, we also hired a team to produce historic Vidal Sassoon looks on models and partnered with Cameron Silver, the founder of the vintage clothing boutique Decades, who styled the models in the appropriate couture clothing.